Wearable Watercolors: A Q&A with Alyssa Goodman

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background? And maybe a fun fact, if you feel like it. :)

HI! I'm Alyssa Goodman, and I had the privilege of studying fine art at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada. Fun fact... I hold a deep affection for the sun, cherishing that moment when the warmth washes over you after a cold season, reawakening memories of all things good and filling life with a renewed glow.

Can you tell us about your process? Do you plan before you start painting or do the scenes start to tell themselves?

When I approach my canvas or chosen medium, particularly vintage items, I do so with an open mind, seldom sticking to a plan. Instead, I let the blank canvas guide me, following its lines and the unique personalities that vintage items possess, engaging in a creative dialogue as I paint.

Everything is so nostalgic and serene (and reminds me of my childhood dinner plates). What drew you to this style of watercolor?

My style of painting serves as a means of revisiting my childhood, where I'd lose myself in adult spaces, tracing the lines of a dinner plate's rim or the patterns of wallpaper, transporting myself to another world. All my art, in a way, is about escapism, finding solace, and the joy of being transported to a sunny day somewhere else.

Where do you go for inspiration? Or is there a particular artist(s) who inspires you?

Lately, I've sought inspiration from old things, household objects, and decorative antiques. While I don't traditionally align with the Impressionists, my current artistic exploration is focused on capturing the essence of light, moving beyond the tangible. Interestingly, the artist who continuously captivates me and inspires my practice is Agnes Martin.

If you had to paint one real life scene or place for the rest of your life, where and what would it be?

The idea of painting the same thing repeatedly might become a test of my sanity, but if I had to maybe the night sky, the Northern Lights, or a Pieta.


Any new projects in the works or that you're dreaming up next?

I'm due in March... Balancing art and the impending arrival of a new human adds a very daunting dimension to my current practice. I’m hoping to find time to work on larger more continuous paintings I can dip in and out of.