Founder, creative force and recent Philly transplant, Emily Bryngelson of Sibling shared a little about her recent move, love of winter and favorite vintage deadstock Max Mara pants. She also gave us a glimpse of her honeymoon in Scotland and the art of having your shoe color do all the talking. We fell in love with her remade vintage shirting collection and are so happy to welcome her pieces into the show

Q: I heard you recently moved to Philly. How have you been settling in and finding a rhythm in a new city? What Philly-isms have stood out to you, love or hate? Favorite Philly hidden gem?

A: I moved here September 2021 from Brooklyn. I had been in NYC for 11 years, and decided it was time for a change. The thing I love most about living here is the space and relaxed vibe, and all the cute streets! But the driving is awful! I’m a runner so I frequent the running trails which happen to always be quiet.


Q: Philly/East Coast winters are hard for a lot of us. What are some of your favorite routines and rituals as we enter into a season with shorter days and often more time spent inside?

A: I’m shamelessly a winter lover (I hail from Minnesota originally). So I love creating elaborate warming meals, playing cards by candlelight, and regular baths.

Q: Favorite way to style your Malta shirt?

A: I actually love to style it over a slip dress or open over a tank with jeans.

Q: Favorite vintage piece in your closet?

A: Vintage deadstock Max Mara silk organza pants, and an Issey Miyake top with little tufts of cotton all over the sheer pleated material.


Q: We’re at such a pivotal moment of change, not just across trends and fashion but, in our own lifestyle and priorities. Sibling feels so refreshing, like the perfect bridge for us stylistically. How has your personal style evolved over the past few years and what have been some influences?

A: I think I’ve learned a lot about my personal style and what things have stayed authentic to me over the years and have been able to lean into that more. When I look through the items that have remained in my closet the longest, they are always vintage. I have leaned into that luxury and longevity of classic and well made items.

Q: Personally, I’ve been at odds with my shoes. What are you wearing right now/this season or wish you were wearing?

A: I actually have been wearing Asics tigers and Adidas sambas quite regularly, and have been wanting them in every bright color like yellow and red. There is something about putting on an effortless outfit with sneakers and having the shoe color do all the talking.

Q: What are you reading right now or watching?

A: This is neither reading nor watching but I listen to a lot of podcasts and my favorite lately has been Terrible, Thanks for Asking.

Q: Best meal you’ve eaten recently?

A: Was recently on my honeymoon in Scotland and had the best fresh, raw scallop at this amazing restaurant called Three Chimneys. The entire meal was so fresh and local.


Q: We asked this at our last Vestige team dinner, kind of silly, but very reminiscent this time of year. Favorite nostalgic halloween candy? Favorite Halloween costume you wore growing up? Bonus if you feel like sharing a photo :)

A: I love candy corn! Here’s a photo of me as a cow in a costume my mom made!

Q: What are your favorite things in the shop right now?

A: B SIDES jeans !

Q: Thank you so much for taking the time to share a little about yourself! Is there anything else the Vestige world needs to know?

A: Would love to connect more with the community! Reach out to me on Instagram :) @sibling_studios

Want to see more of the Sibling collection? Shop it online HERE or stop by for our vintage pop up and meet Emily on Saturday, October 22nd from 11 to 4.

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