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Sigil Perfume

Sigil Perfume


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Long wearing, nuanced and 100% natural, these fragrances from Sigil are inspired by nature and meant to tell a story and hold a moment in time. Handcrafted in small batches and hand blended to evoke the natural world around us. Unisex. Available in Solutio and Amor Fati scents.

Amor Fati / A philosophy beloved by ancient cultures across the globe, amor fati represents the belief that all experiences from birth are essential to the cyclical beauty of our existence. Symbolizing both the ashes of death and the new growth of birth, Amor Fati combines smoky essences of oud and opoponax with the fresh and lively scents of bergamot and green pine needles. Resinous galbanum and palo santo ground the scent with hints of sacred incense—a reminder that the spirit remains, even as the cycle of life begins and ends.

Key notes: Oud, galbanum, palo santo, opoponax

Solutio / Solutio is the alchemical practice of purification and dissolution—a process of coming apart that leaves behind only the true essence of what began. Distilling precious and resinous plant materials into their essential components, Solutio is a green and buoyant blend of aromatic cypriol, bracing lime, and a handmade tincture of wild chaparral that releases the mind from the trappings of the ego. Like a hot coal hitting cool water, Solutio’s effervescent spirit wraps the body and the mind in a cleansing vapor of scent.

Key notes: Cypriol, labdanum, chaparral tincture, cypress

1fl oz (30ml)

Made in the USA