Roll On Fragrance

Roll On Fragrance


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Palo Santo - Palo Santo or “holy wood” has been burned by healers for years to cleanse, purify and protect the spirit. This blend is a modern take on energy clearing rites of old. Scent: Palo Santo, siam wood, white champa

Cedar & Rose - Reminiscent of a stroll through the Portland Rose Test Garden. The wind carried scent of cedar from the forest, intertwined with a field of roses. Scent: Cedar, rose, rosewood

Dark Wave - Originally created for a fall event kicking off the dreary rains set to inundate Portland for nine months. The scent is meant to envelop you, to protect you from the downpour. Scent: Cardamom, Indonesian vetiver, wood

Lightening Paw - Free-spirited and feminine without even trying to be, a reflection of her. Scent: Bergamot, jasmine, vanilla, patchouli


Made in Portland