Scented Oils

Scented Oils

Rowsie Vain

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Organic body oils from Rowise Vain, in a range of captivating scents, all lovingly made in the Ojai Valley. 

Lavender Lune: A delicate yet powerful blend of lavender essential oil,  sunflower oil, and dried lavender flowers, made with love and care to calm and soothe your body and spirit.  Lavender flowers are grown, and lavender oil is distilled in The Ojai Valley. 

Rise/Shine: A sweet and energizing, sunburst blend with notes of honeysuckle, and citrus including lemon & grapefruit, in a rich, moisturizing sunflower oil base.

Native Haze: A stunningly distinct blend of rosemary, lime and pink grapefruit essential oils, infused with the magical healing properties of Ojai-native white sage in a moisturizing sunflower oil base.  This 100% pure, sacred, and earthy blend is inspired by the serene scents and mood-altering tranquility of The Ojai Valley

100% organic, vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, phthalate free, gluten free,  synthetic free