Being of the Sun

Being of the Sun

Alicia Bay Laurel

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The sequel to LIVING ON THE EARTH), Alicia Bay Laurel's BEING OF THE SUN (originally published in 1973) was cowrittten with avant-garde composer, solar yogi and author Ramón Sender Barayón. Meant to inspire as a guide to creating one's own religion, BEING OF THE SUN offers spriitual practices the authors have found valuable. Handwritten in Alicia's flowing cursive and illustrated on every page with her line drawings, meant to be colored as you move through the book. A window into hippie life in the early 70s and a classic among nature-worshippers to this day. 

202 pages

8.5" x .6 x 11"

By Alicia Bay Laurel and Ramón Sender Barayón