All the Moods

All the Moods


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All the Moods includes Moondeli's six original adaptogen blends in go-anywhere, compostable sachets. Each sachet makes three tonics.

Indulgent, organic and wildcrafted adaptogen powders blended to support the body's natural defenses against physical, emotional and environmental stress.

Add a spoonful or two to teas, plant milks, coffees, juices and smoothies to create delicious mind, body and spirit harmonizing adaptogenic tonics.

Golden Tumeric, 8g

Anti-inflammatory // Digestive aid // Antioxidant // Detoxifier

Blue Green Protein, 4.4g

Plant protein // Skin food // Anti-inflammatory // Immunity food // Detoxifier

Energy Tonic, 5.26g

Energy food // Memory food // Hormone balancer // Mood food

Calming Adaptogen , 5.26g

Stress relief // Memory food // Hormone balancer // Immunity booster

Bliss Booster, 5.7g

Bliss food // Hormone balancer // Mood food

Mushroom Adaptogen, 5.1g

Immunity food // Anti-inflammatory // Anti-viral // Mood food // Energy food