Estate Candle

Estate Candle

Flamingo Estate

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Three beautiful scents from Flamingo Estate. Each candle is made of 100% vegetable wax and hand-poured into recycled glass containers. 

Roma Heirloom Tomato // Just as you might imagine, ripe, supple and bursting with juice, the scent of the heirloom tomato catapults us to memories of late summer dinner parties in Sicilian gardens.

Climbing Tuscan Rosemary // Rosemary, "the mist of the sea" is the objet d'amour of Romans, Greeks and honeybees everywhere. 

Adriatic Muscatel Sage // Sacred, spiritual and wholly transportive, the ritualistic burning of sage can clear negative energies and bring in the good stuff. The sage in this candle carries with it salt breezes from the Adriatic. 


100% vegetable wax

60 Hour burn time

Made in the USA