Another World: The Transcendental Painting Group

Another World: The Transcendental Painting Group

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Another World, a new art book exploring abstract painting meets theosophical spirituality in 1930s New Mexico. The first book on a radical, astonishingly prescient episode in American modernism. This book surveys the works of the nine starting group members. The nine original members of the Transcendental Painting Group were Emil Bisttram, Robert Gribbroek, Lawren Harris, Raymond Jonson, William Lumpkins, Florence Miller Pierce, Agnes Pelton, Horace Towner Pierce and Stuart Walker. This volume provides a broad perspective on the group’s work, positioning it within the history of modern painting and 20th-century American art. Essays examine the Transcendental Painting Group in light of their international artistic peers; their involvement with esoteric thought and Theosophy; the group’s sources in the culture and landscape of the American Southwest; and the experience of its two female members.


Hardcover, 8.5 x 11.5 in. / 240 pgs / 140 color / 35 bw. Pub Date 7/6/2021

Edited with text by Michael Duncan. Text by Scott Shields, MaLin Wilson Powell, Catherine Whitney, Ilene Susan Fort, Dane Rudhyar