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Tiered Cotton Dress in Pink Tones

Tiered Cotton Dress in Pink Tones


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Beautifully hand-dyed and hand-made tiered cotton dress with 3/4 length sleeves. Relaxed, loose fit. Each dress is one of a kind. All garments are dyed with local materials such as marigolds, roses, avocado and cochineal and therefore vary in shade.

NI EN MORE is a collaborative social innovation project based in the border town of Cd. Juárez, Mexico, a city of opposites. Alongside hardworking honest people, family life, homes and schools, drug cartels are fighting over control and extreme violence is present. For decades women have disappeared from Cd. Juárez and hundreds have been found murdered in its outskirts. NI EN MORE have through its collaborative partners (in Norway, USA and Mexico) established a small-scale sewing studio in Juárez providing work opportunities for women, fair and safe working conditions and a sustainable production model. The name NI EN MORE takes one word from the phrase "not one more" expressed in Spanish, Norwegian and English; the three countries initiating the project. 

Each garment comes with a protest badge and dress number, made in workshops by people attending and a letter sharing about the process. 

100% Cotton

Made in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico