Simbuta Bilum

Simbuta Bilum

Bilum and Bilas

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These authentic bilums originates from the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The string used to hand weave these pieces are handcrafted from natural fibers produced using ancient processing techniques. Bilums are works of art, they are expressions of the personality, culture, skills, experiences and emotions of the women that make them. They literally embody the essence of the Papua New Guinean women that make them.

Due to the handmade process and traditional fibres used to create your piece, imperfections are normal and add to the charm of your piece. Some natural softening and color change may occur over time.

Bilums are designed to be stretchy and expand to accommodate cargo, so while we can not provide exact measurements we provide a range. Each bilum is completely unique and one-of-a-kind

Size range: 14"-18" Width, 10"-15" Length, 17"-24" Strap Drop

Handmade in Papua New Guinea