Moena 12|69

Moena 12|69


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Carta takes an ecological approach to fragrance design; their practices are rooted in sustainability, environmental stewardship, and reverence for our planet. Their fragrances are inspired by the complexity of Earth’s ecosystems and the people working to protect them. Available in both 50ml and 15ml. The smaller version is refillable. 

Limited Edition (50ml): 300 bottles. Customers of this edition will be exclusively invited to reorder this fragrance in the future.

A riot of plants sweating in the morning sun. The scent of young ginger sweeping through the green canopy. Brewed tea and fresh tobacco leaves. An oncoming thunderstorm and the purifying crispness that follows.

Wild Peruvian Moena
Soaked Moss
Golden Ginger
Brewed Tea & Tobacco Leaves
Redolent Woods