The Mist

The Mist


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Nucifera products are made from some of the most potent, plant-based oils. The Mist is a multi purpose product that is moisture rich and smells divine. 

Suggested Uses:

Get the Glow: Mist on face and body to moisturize, refresh, and soften skin.

Tone Skin: Use to replace toner after cleansing face.

 Deodorize Naturally: Lightly spray under arms to use as a natural deodorant.

Aftersun Care: Spray on sun drenched skin to lightly moisturize and soothe inflammation.

Hair: Refresh hair in between washes.

Hand Sanitizer: Spray on hands to lightly cleanse and sanitize.

Bedding: Mist over pillows and bedding to refresh and cleanse.

Yoga Mat + Gym Bag: Naturally refresh and sanitize anything that gets a little sweaty or funky.

Room Spray: Clean and refresh the atmosphere around you.

Kids: Use in the diaper bin, on hands, face and body.

Pets: Spray around bedding and litter box to reduce germs and funk