Deep Dive: A Q&A with Deep Roots Botanical Founder Margeaux Gertmenian

Founder, mama and Vestige inspiration, Margeaux Gertmenian is the the brain behind Deep Roots Botanical, a new apothecary brand designed to bring awareness and calm to the everyday. We recently chatted with Margeaux about her new business and raising a family amidst a pandemic. 
Q: Tell us about how Deep Roots came to be! 
A: Since my first pregnancy, I have slowly begun the process of reducing my toxic load and rethinking my personal care products as a result. A few years ago I was seeing an acupuncturist, and he used essential oils during my treatment sessions. I had a pretty powerful response to them, so I started doing research to understand how to use them safely at home and with my children. That sort of opened the gate for me to also begin taking classes and using essential oils therapeutically for myself and my family and friends. The more I learned about plant medicine and how it aligns with our skin and our bodies, the more intrigued I became. Using plant-based oils just resonated with me at a personal level, as it has for people all over the globe for centuries. 
My Ayurveda teacher has a saying - “ancient as in time-tested, not outdated” and I think this captures the essence of Deep Roots perfectly. It refers to the fact that we use 100% plant-based materials in our formulations and also evokes a reverence for the ancient practice of using plants and plant-based oils for healing purposes.
Q: What’s one of your favorite rituals or routines?
A: Creating a bath (or shower!) ritual or routine feels really accessible and approachable for everyone because it is so personal - in that very moment you can ask yourself, what does your body need? And then build your experience around that: candles, journaling, breath, essential oils or herbs, music, massage, connecting to a particular time such as the lunar calendar...they can all enrich your experience and elevate something mundane into something that engages all of your senses in a mindful and experiential way. There is no right or wrong way to create a bath routine, it is simply a time for exploration, creativity and connection.
Q: A good book you’ve recently read?
A: Do cookbooks count? I’ve loved repeatedly flipping through “A Table” by Rebekah Peppler who developed the book by hosting gatherings at her Paris home every week.  I daydream about traveling to France again and hosting intimate gatherings at my home where we eat delicious food and talk and drink wine into the night.  
Q: What keeps you motivated and inspired?
A: I’m 42 and I’ve lived a few different lives during my time. I’m grateful that the path I am walking at this very moment brings me a lot of joy. I’ve met a lot of wonderful, smart, creative and inspiring people during the process of developing Deep Roots and in my personal studies. I am also in a space where I get to be creative and play, which as an adult, we tend to forget how beneficial this can be for our mental health.  
Q: What’s your favorite Deep Roots ingredient and why? 
A: Astaxanthin. It’s a red microalgae that we source from a sustainable farm in Hawaii and use in our Sky Element Oil. It's one of the most powerful antioxidants on Earth for skin health and healing at the cellular level. I also take it internally!
Q: What are your survival skills for being at home with two kids during a pandemic? 
A: A lot of grace. I think most parents have been faced with making a lot of difficult and seemingly impossible decisions during the pandemic, and we’ve all felt like we are failing miserably in one way or another, especially mothers. For me, it has been all about the small gestures of kindness I can show myself throughout the day.  Sometimes a cup of herbal tea and some breathing exercises is the best it gets. Being as gentle with myself as possible, and knowing that I am doing my best to parent during a global pandemic - which does not come with a guidebook - is the most beneficial skill I could have. 

 Check out Margeaux's line of effective, healing face oils. We are loving the results and the daily ritual of using her remedies!