La Réunion Studio: Power, History and Beauty

There is no denying we love everything patchwork and the Patchwork Dresses from La Réunion Studio are no exception. Each textile is perfectly selected by Sarah Nsikak, a Nigerian-American designer living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Her pieces exude power and tell the story of joy, reclamation, and perseverance. Inspired by "African culture, post colonial African countries, ideas surrounding reclaimed beauty, togetherness, color, [and] joy," each Patchwork Dress brings to life a long history. It is our honor to carry La Réunion Studio at Vestige and witness Nsikak's boundless creativity. 

From the beginning, La Réunion has had a commitment to sustainability.  Each dress is made using recycled and vintage dead stock fabric. Hand stitched, and sometimes hand dyed, each textile is meticulously selected to create a full, one of a kind dress. 

 Inspired by the Namibian women of the Herero tribe, the Patchwork Dress speaks to their resiliency after overcoming attempted Genocide in the 19th century. The Patchwork Dress illustrates the reclamation of African stories and seeks to empower the wearer while telling a story of joy, pain and strength. 


La Réunion Studio beautifully weaves together culture, fashion, memory and resilience to create garments that are true works of art. Each dress is a guaranteed heirloom, destined to be passed down through generations and loved for years to come.


All quotes taken from the La Réunion Studio website