Denim Dive: A Closer Look Into B Sides Denim

B Sides continue to be an eternal Vestige fan favorite. We reached out to designers Claire Lampert and Stacy Daily to talk about all things denim, how they are staying creative during this challenging time and what they see for the future of their business. 


Being creative and working with vintage, we imagine that a lot of your inspiration comes from travel and digging. How have you been getting your juices flowing during the pandemic? 

Claire: Going through a lot of old inspiration, looking back at photos taken over the years … the nostalgic feelings are stronger than ever right now, “The way things used to be…”. 


Have you been making or creating anything? 

Stacy: Claire is expecting… twin girls!  Which is wonderful… We have been 3-hours apart since lock downs went into effect in March, you could say we’re “at-a-distance-creatives”. I’ve been focused on creating balance for our business.  Connecting and inspiring each other has been even more important in this time to maintain some equilibrium… dimensionality, to keep things calm and in perspective.  It’s as if we are tuning to a new frequency together. 

Claire: Avocado dying baby onesies , repainting rooms in our house, building furniture with my husband in our barn, growing as many vegetables as possible since we can actually give them the attention they need this year, growing two humans. 


Best all time vintage find? 

Claire: Beautiful turn of the century Levi’s selvedge and a pair of mid-century mens chinos that had been over-dyed lavender and sun-faded to a lavender grey. We sold those to someone in Argentina and regretted it the minute we dropped the package off at the post office.


Outside of denim, do you personally collect anything? 

Claire: Books!

Stacy: Antique furniture… and music which is a shared collection with my boyfriend. He’s at the wheel, but I’ve really leaned into our records during the pandemic while working from home.  We have been making mix tapes and hand-illustrating them for friends.  It’s been our way to get-together, calling back on great memories while we record them. 


Button Fly or Zip?

Claire and Stacy: Both  


When you are designing a new jean do you start with vintage inspiration or sketches, both? 

Claire: Both, but starting with a vintage jean is really the way to go … it’s so tactile, you have to feel the fabric and look at the color. I sketch silhouettes but that is mostly for clear communication with the factories. 

Stacy: To us, it is about how a pair of jeans are worn.  We imbue the personality of the wearer in our designs.

Through our travels, we’ve studied and developed relationships around the blue jean going back 100 years.  We work with collectors to find great-looking jeans to study the construction and wear patterns; and, as we collect, we source and salvage and arrive at modern interpretations of the blue jeans we want to wear and hand-down. 


Everyone has had to shift their business model a bit during the crisis, but it seems that aside from all of the loss and despair the silver lining is that there will be a much needed shake up at the end. What are you hoping for in your own business and the fashion industry as a whole? 

B Sides are meant to be well-worn, well-loved, shared. We hope as individuals and as a brand to continue to contribute to a unified narrative in this new way of living, shopping, upcycling, communicating and feeling.


And the question we all want to know now, is a kids line next??!!

No baby B SIDES in the works at the moment